Creating your Yearbook:

If you have MS Publisher or Adobe In-Design, and even MS Word and at Open Office (which is free), you will find templates which will enable you to drag and drop photos and backgrounds onto your pages, as well as adding text. Adobe In-Design and MS Publisher are both user friendly and intuitive. MS Publisher may already be included in your MS Office Suite of software. You can also find and download background images online and drag and drop them onto your page.

We do offer Free Unlimited Tech Support with your order, so you can create a few pages, email them to us, and we'll let you know if there will be any problems printing them, i.e. layers, backgrounds, borders, etc., to keep you on the right track.

Converting to PDF file:

Converting your document to .pdf (portable document format) renders, or "flattens" all the layers of images and text on the page, and shows you exactly how it will print. Simply select "File" > "save as PDF" or by clicking on the PDF icon on the toolbar.

Create multiple pages with separate sections for color pages and black ink pages, as one document, in page order, and convert as one file.
Your PDF file will automatically print in page order.
Create separate PDF files for Front and Back covers. Create a separate PDF file for Spine Art if applicable

For Saddle Stitched documents, send us 11 x 17 signatures in one file, or as 8.5 x 11 size NUMBERED pages in one file.

NOTE: If "save as PDF" is not available or if PDF icon is not visible Please Read Below:

Automatic Updates may have recently disabled PDF in MS Word and other programs!
For Microsoft programs (full versions 2003 or above, NOT Trial versions), with Adobe Acrobat installed:
If the PDF icon is not visible: click on "Help" > "About" > "Disabled Items" > "PDF" > "Enable", and the PDF icon should appear.

For All Other Programs, if PDF is not available at all then let us know which software you are using and which file extensions are available and we'll advise you from there.

Sending PDF files via email:

Files which are too large to send via email can be uploaded and emailed via YouSendIt or DropBox
Please Use as the Recipient.

Below are images of Yearbook Covers and Inside Pages; PDF Files Created by Our Customers using their Own Software (Adobe In-Design, Microsoft Publisher, Etc.)

Click to View Larger Images of These Pages



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