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Introduction's Online Yearbook Software option provides extreme ease-of-use and professional level functionality. Using's groundbreaking photobook solution as the core platform, has added a broad selection of advanced yearbook-specific features and tools, resulting in a unique and powerful solution. There will be an additional Licensing Fee for the Online Yearbook Design Software with each order. This page provides a description of's major competitive advantages over other popular Yearbook software applications.'s Online Software Advantages

1. 100% Web-based Means No Downloads or Installations.'s Yearbook Edition is 100% web-based. This means that unlike other applications, it does not require download or installation of any third party software. And since the yearbook is created and stored in the cloud, the software can be used to access the book at any time, and on any computer! This is a critical ease-of-use advantage for schools, which must keep strict control on third party software downloaded to their computers. It�s also a huge benefit to students, who may want to access and work on their yearbook from home and outside of school hours.

2. Multi-Platform Support � Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Droid.'s software is compatible with all major browsers on both Windows and Mac. It also runs on the Apple iOS and Android OS, making it accessible from the iPad and other popular mobile devices. This offers a significant advantage in flexibility for the schools and their students.

3. Yearbook Planning Ladder for Easy and Familiar Setup.'s online Yearbook Planning Ladder follows the traditional method for laying out the yearbook, and provides a familiar, flexible interface for viewing and managing sections. This simplifies the setup process, and is an advantage for schools that use a ladder in the classroom for their initial planning.

4. Step-by-Step Workflow for Maximum Ease-of-Use.'s Yearbook Edition software is organized in a series of web pages, and uses a step-by-step creation process, in the manner perfected in the consumer photobook industry. The result is a powerful, but fun and easy book creation process, with a shortened learning curve.

5. Advanced Collaboration with Online Approval Process.'s advanced collaboration functionality allows multiple people to work on the yearbook simultaneously, from different locations, with oversight from an advisor. Features such as online section approval, and automatic email alerts, allow the advisor to manage the entire creation process while also enhancing communication among the yearbook staff.

6. Students Can Create Their Own Custom Yearbook Pages.'s software provides the optional ability for each student to customize a section of their yearbook with their own photos and text, for an additional cost. The section can be predesigned, and the site can also be preloaded with content including candid yearbook outtakes.

7. Online Help Text and Videos Shorten the Learning Curve.

The's software uses online help text and training videos on every page, providing a quick, detailed online reference for all functionality, and allowing users to become experts in a very short time.

8. Add Your Own Custom Templates and Clip art.

The's software contains a full set of trendy, current template designs that appeal to students, and make the yearbook creation process fun and relevant. In addition,'s customers can add their own custom templates and clip art to the system. This can even include school-specific colors, mascots and other designs.

9. Flexibility in Custom Branding and Reskinning.'s does not require brand recognition with our software. The's software can be branded by our customer, and each individual's site can be custom-branded for a school, complete with the school�s color scheme and logo in the header.

10. Connectivity with Facebook.'s software provides the optional ability for students to connect to Facebook to retrieve photos for their custom yearbook pages, and to share a digital copies of their custom, personalized products. 11. Complete Online e-Commerce Ordering System.

Using's system, final yearbooks can be sold online via credit card on a custom e-commerce page branded for the school. This eliminates the need for the school to handle individual student orders and payments. Payments are processed through a secure gateway, and funds are deposited in any merchant account determined by's customer.

12. School Storefront Add-On Provides a Year-Round Opportunity.

Using's School Storefront Add-on, schools will have an advanced, brandable storefront where students can create a variety of personalized photo products including photobooks, greeting cards, calendars, phone cases, notepads, notebooks and more! Schools can also create and sell ready-made products, such as a school calendar prepopulated with professional photos and important dates. These products provide an excellent opportunity to promote school spirit, and make a great year-round fundraiser and source of additional revenue.

13. Multiple Book Formats at Different Price Points.'s software allows schools to sell yearbooks in multiple formats (hardcover and softcover) at different price points. The different cover versions are created automatically by the software.

14. Proven, Highly Advanced, and Scalable Back-end.

The's back-end renders and delivers high resolution, RIP-ready PDF files using the same advanced technology that's has deployed on very high-volume consumer photobook sites for many years.'s files are rendered to the printer�s exact specification including sheet size, trim and bleed, crop marks, bar codes, etc., along with detailed PDF or XML order data, and no preflight will ever be required.

The system is also scalable to support any peak volume.

15. Perpetual Archiving of Each Yearbook in the System.'s stores yearbook PDF files indefinitely for licensees for no additional charge, and will also make a copy of each finished book PDF available at any time.

16.'s Reputation, History and Experience.

Headquartered in Long Island, NY, is a subsidiary of FPG The Printing Group, Ltd, a leading provider of custom photo products including photobooks, greeting cards, calendars, posters, mugs, mousepads and other photo gifts since 1989. has a long, successful track record in the photo book market for education, fundraising, and many other markets.'s is committed to providing the best yearbook software on the market, and has development resources committed to continually enhance and improve the software based on customer feedback and changing needs of the marketplace.


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